Monday, 21 March 2016

Bad Blogger?

Recently I have been a little AWOL and I'm sorry if you do follow me and like to see my updates. I have a multitude of updates I want to make including some photos from some rambling earlier in the month, a birthday haul and some stationery buys. I've been feeling quite detached from my blog working on a few little projects and searching for work/internships so it has been pushed to the back of my to-do pile but I'm ready to get back on it and practice more photography too.

I hope you'll join me in my next post and have a fabulous week.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Stationery | LAMY Set

Another stationery post, I know this is becoming a habit! Regardless I wanted to share what I've picked up recently, a set of LAMY goods. Ideally I wanted a fine nib fountain pen, alas all the stores only seemed to have medium but the lady in the store I went to said they sold the nibs separately so I managed to get a medium and a fine nib. I thought I'd found the elusive 2015 orange inks but sadly they only really had red but I got that as I dislike blue inks for the most part but I didn't want to go with black.

I really love the Graphite Black style of the pen itself, I'm excited to get writing with it. The body is matt and a great length for optimal grip even when the lid isn't posted on the end. I'm a big fan of the big clip for attaching the pen to notebooks and cases. Despite the very reasonable price tag (£16.50) for the pen I find this pen to be of a wonderful quality, the fine nib was £5 and I'm chuffed with it.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Stationery | Hobonichi Techo Royal Stewart Zipper Case

I've been waiting patiently for this parcel to arrive, or rather impatiently. As I mentioned in an earlier post I have been using the Japanese planner 'Hobonichi Techo 2016' for daily journaling and although I had made a case for it I felt the need for something to fully protect it if I was to use it everyday wherever I was. Hobonichi offer a wonderful delivery service where everything comes in a big yellow bag with a turquoise box and a leaflet about life journalling. If you buy the journals from the official site you get a free four colour pen and a tissue holder. 

My order was just the zipper case as I had the planner already. I'd been waiting for the Royal Stewart Lochcarron case to come back into stock as I'm a big fan of tartan, it is timeless and goes with just about everything. The brown leather and gold zip with the red tartan remind me of Scotland (being that it is Scottish haha). The inside of the case has several spaces to store cards, post its and all kinds of notes or accessories along with two fabric book marks with leather tips. The net storage section is great for easy access to important notes or cards as you can see everything in there. 

The only downside was being that I live in the United Kingdom there was a hefty customs charge (which is fair enough) but be aware I ended up paying £21 and my case cost £46 so almost half of the original cost just to receive it. Seeing and feeling the quality of the case I'd say it was worth it for sure.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Bloggers | Inspiration 2016

Most of my blogging motivation comes from reading amazing blogs or seeing something beautiful while I am out on adventures. I'd love to share these with you and hope you find as much joy from them as I do. Please note all images below are from their respective blogs, I had never noticed before how similar their logos were either, clearly all very creative types!

Being Little is written by Lyzi, a lass residing in the South West of England. She posts beautiful outfit posts which never conform to the restrictions of current trends. It always feels like she has found a fresh new look whenever her outfit posts come up. Fashion aside she is eloquent with her writing and has an eye for stunning interior design, a great example is her latest post 'Living Room Lust'. If you love high quality photography with fun fashion Being Little is a wonderful blog to scroll through. 

A Rosie Outlook is written by Rosie, hailing from Bournemouth she posts photographs of her fitness, fashion, food, travel and life posts. One of my favourite things about Rosie is she posts about real life issues and mindfulness, I believe I found the Lively Podcast through her blog in which intention based living is a key topic. Although her photographs are always beautiful I find myself even more captivated by the way she writes, as if you're old friends and she has a lot to catch up on with you. If you enjoy variety in blog posts then I highly recommend Rosie's blog.

On Serpentine Shores is my favourite blog for travel eye candy. Written by Alex, it features her adventures around Cornwall which is a place I went on holiday as a child and loved very much. Alex posts outfits but it never feels like an outfit post, more like a scene from a film with a beautiful country setting. The whole atmosphere of her posts and her blog in general are very natural and peaceful, like finding a beautiful book on a shelf in a bookstore then discovering it is a story which captivates you until the end. If you're into Poldark style visuals with content which fulfils every time then Alex's blog is for you.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Stationery | Washi Tape Selection

The shops here seem to sell washi tape as if it is laced with gold at often up to £8 a roll, this is fine but for decoration my journal I didn't need anything ridiculously expensive. I found these tapes on Ali Express and they were barely £1 each, they have 10m on a roll according to the packaging. The designs are amazing, ranging from fresh leaves and flowers to cartoon style sushi rolls. I find these tapes great for creating borders and tabs or for creating collage. It is easy to carry small amounts around in a pencil case or journal by wrapping around a plastic card, I used plastic from the packaging of my candle holders.

Friday, 22 January 2016

Interiors | Zelkova Bonsai & Marie Kondo's Spark Joy

As part of my attempt to create a more 'Zen' environment to live and work in I've purchased a Bonsai tree, adding fresh leaves and beautiful shapes to my very neutral room. I've always been fascinated with Bonsai trees as they look remarkably like ancient trees and require care which adds a meaningful task to the day.

I also found these adorable fox bookends to keep my books tidy. I'd been looking for something very simple but these were in the garden centre for half their price. Much of my ornaments are of wildlife so these fit in perfectly and again add a splash of colour.

On another matter this little book is quite famous right now, Spark Joy by Marie Kondo (Author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying). The book gives a deep insight into Marie's tidying method which she calls the KonMari method. Inside are answers to questions about the best way to fold and store clothing, the order in which you can find best success in organising belongings and which possessions you should discard. Although there are many books on the matter Marie has a real flare for instilling passion into those that read them. I had already started clearing out objects that no longer served their purpose to me then this book came along and now I could decide what really brings me joy and make my room a cozy and calming place.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Tutorial | Make a Box Pencil Case

The past few days I've been considering getting a little leather style pencil case as I am smitten with this shape of case. Every time I thought I'd found the one I just didn't want to part with the cash, thus why I thought making one would be interesting. As I am awaiting a Royal Stewart Hobonichi zipper case for my journal it seemed fitting to make something tartan (Black Watch). I've made this a little tutorial to share with you all.

One | Fabric
Choose a fabric which suits your needs, remember if it has a huge pattern you will only see a small amount. The amount of fabric you'll need is up to you but I went with 26x16cm which is just right to fit my pens in. This size accommodates about 15 of these Uni Pin fine liners.

Two | Equipment
Sewing Machine - You can sew by hand but it will take a fairly long time
Zipper Foot for machine - This isn't essential it does help keep stitches closer to zip though
Scissors - The sharper the better
Tailors Chalk - Normal chalk or a white pencil may suffice
Ruler/Set Square
Zip - Remember to consider which length you want your case, I went with 14cm but likely could have gotten away with a 12cm.

Three | Mark Out & Cut
After ironing your fabric mark out the size you want, I used a set square to make sure it was an even rectangle. Don't be too precious about the lines as you'll be cutting them and they will be concealed seams. Cut along your lines.

Four | Attaching Zip

With the fabric pattern facing up place the zipper with the zip facing down on the edge of the fabric so the top edge of the fabric meets the top edge of the zip and pin these together.

As you can see above you need to make sure you have an even amount of extra zip either side. I added interface to the back of my fabric to add structure but in hindsight I highly recommend you don't. Now pull the end which isn't pinned upwards toward the zip, again pinning the patterned side to the front side of the zip.

When you go to sew the zip make sure there is only one layer of fabric and the zip under the foot, this can be done by tucking the rest of the case out to the left. The zipper foot will allow you to sew neatly next to the zip without going over it. Sew all the way down the zip then remove the case from your machine, trimming loose threads and do the other side of the zip.

If you turn your case inside out it will look like this now. You can press the fabric beside the zip to make it look neater and then open the zip so you can top-stitch to add a refine finish to the outside (shown below). 

The Tricky Bit 
Now this bit is fairly tricky, you need to tuck the sides into themselves so you have a flat surface underneath and on the zip but the sides have a pleat in them. It was really difficult to visualise this with photos but this is it with the side tucked in below. You need to do this on both sides, like the sides of a paper bag.

Pin the ends so the pleats stay and then sew roughly 1cm from the edge horizontally across so that your zip will be sealed (please ensure your zip is not past these pins before you sew or when you cut off this zip excess your case won't work). 

Now you can unzip it and turn it inside out again to reveal your finished case. Voila! Apologies if any of this was unclear, I had quite a bit of trouble with lighting as I did this in the evening but wanted to share the method with you. I hope you enjoy making one too.