Sunday, 20 November 2016

Lunch With Friends

Japanese food and culture are at the heart of my teen years. Growing up I was fascinated with how a culture so full of people known to be quite solemn and sensible could have another side, filled with cute lunches and crazy fashion.

Since I am always trying to find ways to make lunch more enticing and stay healthy I got a new bento box (or two) and a book on recipes. The photos above are moulds I found to use on the rice, eggs and sandwiches. I'm so excited to get them, I picked them all from eBay and if you're interested in getting some just search Bento moulds!

Any way I'm hoping I can adapt these to work for my healthy lunches, I'll post the results if they don't look like a hot mess.

Friday, 18 November 2016

2016 Christmas List

As we approach Christmas I've been trying to think of gifts I would love to receive. Although there is no expectation of gifts, no would I feel disappointed if I received something else, I still had something in mind. It seems funny that many of the products I looked at seem to be gold or rose gold.  Everything shown has been added to my Amazon list to make it easy for sharing and so folk don't have to hunt for the gifts.  

I found eat beautiful when looking through food books on Amazon, it looks gorgeous and seems to have satisfying recipes inside to embrace health. 

Loish is an artist I've been following for a good few years, her style has developed and flourished. I've always admired the beautiful brush techniques and her ability to convey moods and atmosphere. I'd love to own her book. 

The pen is a rose gold LAMY LX RAU, this may seem like an odd choice of gift but I love stationery and fountain pens are my favourite pen. The LAMY brand is reliable and well crafted, in a luxurious rose gold they are also reasonably priced. 

The gold PS4 controller is for my console, I already have a black one and a white one but I use the console almost everyday so it feels like an investment. Plus it looks nice!

Lastly is Vikings Season 4 part one on Blu-Ray and Versailles: A Biography of a Palace. Books and DVDS have long been a staple if Christmas lists and these are just two historical (albeit not always true to history) stories that intrigue me.

There are other ones I'm interested in but mostly I want to have a relaxing time at home with family enjoying good food and cheesy Christmas TV and songs.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

NEXT Decor Christmas Edition

NEXT have such a lovely home collection and when visiting yesterday I realised that I wanted so much of it. As I have not got space for it all yet I thought photos would ease the fact I can't just buy it.

I love the geometric shapes with the Moroccan feel cushions and in a neutral grey/silver they add a more stylish aesthetic. These cushions would go so well with my throws and cushions I already own.

Generally I'm not big on signs with writing as so often they look tacky and lack a delicate eye for typography. On the contrary to that I found several items with beautiful type. The homely wooden plaque has a cute woodland lodge feel. I have so many woodland and lodge style decor items I think this would fit perfectly in my home.

The red candle with an intricate filigree finish is very inviting, it would likely look beautiful with light shining through as the candle burns down.

I am quite the cat lady and as naff as it may seem I do love these little hanging signs saying 'A house is not a home without a cat'.

I'm excited to have a place to put so many nice things.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Bad Blogger?

Recently I have been a little AWOL and I'm sorry if you do follow me and like to see my updates. I have a multitude of updates I want to make including some photos from some rambling earlier in the month, a birthday haul and some stationery buys. I've been feeling quite detached from my blog working on a few little projects and searching for work/internships so it has been pushed to the back of my to-do pile but I'm ready to get back on it and practice more photography too.

I hope you'll join me in my next post and have a fabulous week.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Stationery | LAMY Set

Another stationery post, I know this is becoming a habit! Regardless I wanted to share what I've picked up recently, a set of LAMY goods. Ideally I wanted a fine nib fountain pen, alas all the stores only seemed to have medium but the lady in the store I went to said they sold the nibs separately so I managed to get a medium and a fine nib. I thought I'd found the elusive 2015 orange inks but sadly they only really had red but I got that as I dislike blue inks for the most part but I didn't want to go with black.

I really love the Graphite Black style of the pen itself, I'm excited to get writing with it. The body is matt and a great length for optimal grip even when the lid isn't posted on the end. I'm a big fan of the big clip for attaching the pen to notebooks and cases. Despite the very reasonable price tag (£16.50) for the pen I find this pen to be of a wonderful quality, the fine nib was £5 and I'm chuffed with it.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Stationery | Hobonichi Techo Royal Stewart Zipper Case

I've been waiting patiently for this parcel to arrive, or rather impatiently. As I mentioned in an earlier post I have been using the Japanese planner 'Hobonichi Techo 2016' for daily journaling and although I had made a case for it I felt the need for something to fully protect it if I was to use it everyday wherever I was. Hobonichi offer a wonderful delivery service where everything comes in a big yellow bag with a turquoise box and a leaflet about life journalling. If you buy the journals from the official site you get a free four colour pen and a tissue holder. 

My order was just the zipper case as I had the planner already. I'd been waiting for the Royal Stewart Lochcarron case to come back into stock as I'm a big fan of tartan, it is timeless and goes with just about everything. The brown leather and gold zip with the red tartan remind me of Scotland (being that it is Scottish haha). The inside of the case has several spaces to store cards, post its and all kinds of notes or accessories along with two fabric book marks with leather tips. The net storage section is great for easy access to important notes or cards as you can see everything in there. 

The only downside was being that I live in the United Kingdom there was a hefty customs charge (which is fair enough) but be aware I ended up paying £21 and my case cost £46 so almost half of the original cost just to receive it. Seeing and feeling the quality of the case I'd say it was worth it for sure.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Bloggers | Inspiration 2016

Most of my blogging motivation comes from reading amazing blogs or seeing something beautiful while I am out on adventures. I'd love to share these with you and hope you find as much joy from them as I do. Please note all images below are from their respective blogs, I had never noticed before how similar their logos were either, clearly all very creative types!

Being Little is written by Lyzi, a lass residing in the South West of England. She posts beautiful outfit posts which never conform to the restrictions of current trends. It always feels like she has found a fresh new look whenever her outfit posts come up. Fashion aside she is eloquent with her writing and has an eye for stunning interior design, a great example is her latest post 'Living Room Lust'. If you love high quality photography with fun fashion Being Little is a wonderful blog to scroll through. 

A Rosie Outlook is written by Rosie, hailing from Bournemouth she posts photographs of her fitness, fashion, food, travel and life posts. One of my favourite things about Rosie is she posts about real life issues and mindfulness, I believe I found the Lively Podcast through her blog in which intention based living is a key topic. Although her photographs are always beautiful I find myself even more captivated by the way she writes, as if you're old friends and she has a lot to catch up on with you. If you enjoy variety in blog posts then I highly recommend Rosie's blog.

On Serpentine Shores is my favourite blog for travel eye candy. Written by Alex, it features her adventures around Cornwall which is a place I went on holiday as a child and loved very much. Alex posts outfits but it never feels like an outfit post, more like a scene from a film with a beautiful country setting. The whole atmosphere of her posts and her blog in general are very natural and peaceful, like finding a beautiful book on a shelf in a bookstore then discovering it is a story which captivates you until the end. If you're into Poldark style visuals with content which fulfils every time then Alex's blog is for you.